Brand Promise and the Value of Time

A global pizza corporation sought to convey the importance of fresh and efficient food delivery through its promise of get to the customer in a stated amount of time. Through support campaign concept testing, a new kind of “cyber relationship” forged an outlet for nearly instantaneous, honest feedback.

The client wanted to know how this concept resonated with its customer base, and searched for the core meaning of how to qualify the value of time.  Using a variety of online activities on its existing i°Communities® platform, participants provided feedback from menu options to delivery expectations. The in-depth dialogues and online survey allowed the client to evaluate how customers perceived the business’ brand promise of online delivery, and whether or not the new campaign had an emotional connection with their decision to have pizza delivered.

The community provided an ongoing, cost-effective research environment to probe ad-hoc issues with its customers, and allowed the client to measure the importance of delivering on its brand promise.  Following was an ad campaign that supported—and celebrated—that perceived value.