blue_bunny5Wells Enterprises: Blue Bunny

A brand stands firmly on its positioning.

As the largest, family-owned and managed ice cream processor in the world, Wells Enterprises set out to refine the positioning for its Blue Bunny® brand. Taking the pulse of their corporate employees, the positioning felt overly complex and at times difficult to execute against. The consequence was a lack of recognition by consumers of a distinct brand image upon which to build loyalty.

Performing an expansive all-hands-on-deck review, Wells engaged Gongos to help build a foundation for products and marketing messages to be articulated for long-term growth. Product developers, marketing executives, and consumers alike were enlisted in the multi-month initiative.

There was no better place to start than at the epicenter of the brand itself. Setting the stage, we spent two days inside the Blue Bunny headquarters immersed with employees at every layer of the company to gain perspective, brainstorm and develop a qualitative learning plan.

Simultaneously, consumer dialogues began in Gongos’ proprietary online community, Consumer Village, to explore the meaning—intended or otherwise—of the existing positioning.

Next, our team hit the road again to conduct “super groups” and in-depth interviews with consumers in Blue Bunny’s major markets to understand competitors’ brand equity as well as its own. Mind mapping, image sorting and personal stories added emotional and sensory dimensions to Blue Bunny’s brand personality. From there, we engaged executives in role playing, storytelling and collage exercises to solidify their understanding, and harness the consumer mindset to generate new ways of thinking.

After two intense days behind closed doors, a new positioning strategy emerged.

Shifting our energy back to consumers, we gut checked the new positioning while exploring various interpretations of its components. Ideation sessions then leveraged visual and sensory aids to convey how Blue Bunny could activate on the attributes.

Wells rolled out its new brand articulation strategy to all areas within the organization with applause. Fully embraced by the organization, Wells has since built upon its foundation to launch the 2nd St. Creamery brand, appealing to ice cream enthusiasts with a palette for decadent flavors. While expanding its portfolio into this super premium ice cream category, Wells has remained true to its roots that a family—and an organization—have nourished since 1913.