In an organization operating in 200+ countries and with 700,000+ employees, managing internal programs is incredibly complicated, yet critically important. This beverage manufacturer set ambitious goals to evolve and expand its in-store execution program. A partner that intimately understood its business was necessary to navigate this complexity through project management, content curation, and communications development.

A history of bringing a strategic consumer perspective to business planning, product development, employee education, and process optimization was the foundation for such a partnership.

The setup of a global framework that demanded the skill to design and apply innovative, flexible approaches in a fast-paced and fluid environment would bolster the ability to achieve corporate objectives. Fundamental to this work was the review of a vast amount of disparate inputs and the synthesis of it into curated narratives that could be activated upon. Presenting them in a compelling manner was also requisite to meet varying audience needs.

Our client knew that a refresh of these materials was needed to modernize the content and style of the documents. Likewise, they were keenly aware that individual markets and sales reps would request information and materials related to their annual strategic objectives. The scale and visibility of this program also required that frontline staff have proof of success, married with local customization, to encourage them to internalize and champion the new process. To this end, activation sessions fueled ideas for stakeholder utilization around the world.

To ensure momentum and demonstrate efficacy, a set of universal merchandising guidelines and a corresponding measurement system were developed to be applied in any region or market. Stakeholder interviews, document reviews, and extensive data analysis further shaped use cases that brought to life operational procedures and their business impact. The development of an analytics roadmap based on market analysis and outcomes further spurred implementation throughout the organization.

Lastly, to optimize its best-in-class category status with channel partners, customized assets were generated to support the roll-out and expansion of the program externally.

As leading organizations know, sustainability and reinforcement are often overlooked but crucial steps for true organizational change. Beyond meeting incremental needs throughout the year, this portfolio of work armed employees with clear ways to implement and measure it, facilitating buy-in among frontline workers. Moreover, the program accelerated global adoption across the organization and among other stakeholders who continue to benefit from client success. Ultimately, it drove business results that any company would envy, helping to post 10-15% in incremental sales.