Let the consumer guide your decisions.

Your customers are the keepers of your future. Opportunities and threats reside in their perceptions. Their preferences. Their experiences. They greatly affect your ability to maneuver, expand, adapt and thrive.

Wherever the consumer lives and makes decisions, you’ll find us. Our methods evolve with consumers. From in-person to wearables and everything in between, our pursuit of real-time insights is equal parts anthropology and technology. We dig deep to uncover authenticity from consumers, allowing you to make decisions based on truth, not on spec.

At the basis of our custom research approaches is simplicity. Despite the complexity of intelligence gathering, we communicate insights effectively and persuasively. And we acknowledge your need to inform and enlighten your teams in an equally persuasive way.


Born out of a passion for marketing research by our beloved founder John Gongos, Gongos Research is the bedrock of our existence. Our research connoisseurs partner with you on initiatives spanning the entire product and marketing life cycle.

Our platform-agnostic approaches will help you:

  • Develop products & concepts
  • Gain the voice of the customer
  • Identify audience segments
  • Optimize features & pricing
  • Connect emotionally with consumers
  • Create immersive shopper experiences
  • Engage in online & mobile community environments