Harmonizing primary, third-party and enterprise data.

The promise of intelligence and the reality of intelligence; there exists a great chasm between the two, fueled by information overload. A wealth of data is out there, waiting to be linked, and wanting to inform the right decision.

O2 Integrated changes the paradigm by bridging business with decision sciences.

Our dedicated teams of data analysts and strategists harmonize disparate data sources spanning enterprise, third-party and primary. Acting as your consultancy arm, O2 helps you find clarity, while building upon essential information systems, models and business offerings.


Beyond developing integrative strategies to overcome operational barriers, O2 thrives on reconciling the signal-to-noise paradox to strengthen decision making inside your organization.

Simply put, O2 Integrated gives you clear and confident decision-making ability. It is part of our ongoing quest to help you rethink obstacles and growth opportunities.

O2 Integrated helps you realize the potential and promise of data, in harmony.