By Elizabeth VanStee, Communication Designer, Arti|fact

It’s no surprise that we’re living in the golden age of data. As a human race, we are more data hungry and data literate than ever before. And, nearly every sector across public interest and private business is experiencing a pronounced shift in the way we consume information and data.


How are communities pushing the boundaries to catalyze consumer-centric growth? In this compendium, Gongos invites you to reestablish what a community of consumers means to you.



By Greg Heist, Chief Innovation Officer & Jill Heist, Methodologist

Organizations have relied on the steady flow of thoughtful, high-quality consumer opinions for decades. They’ve counted on these mostly anonymous groups of people to assess products, provide feedback on experiences, and share intimate details of their lives.


By Katherine Ephlin, Chief Operating Officer, Gongos, Inc.

In today’s world, empowering individuals to bring their voice to research is more important than ever. While the emphasis on the “get” of data is leading us to examine actual behavior, data doesn’t have a voice – it simply can’t articulate why it exists.


By Ivan Bojanic, Senior Integration Architect, Arti|fact

Vinyl records, mechanical Swiss watches, board games, and Polaroid-style instant cameras are just a few examples of seemingly obsolete products that are booming despite the ubiquity of cheaper and more versatile digital alternatives. What explains this, and what can product innovators and marketers learn from it?

Innovation as redefinition

We like to assume that innovation evolves exclusively forward.


by Greg Heist, Chief Innovation Officer

“The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious.”  — John Scully

Picture this: your organization owns a fully-functioning time machine. Armed with such a device, you unfailingly know what to offer consumers, and when to do so to maximize your competitive advantage.


By Greg Heist, Vice President, Strategy & Innovation

The semi-annual release of the GRIT report is always a must-read item. This temperature check of the insights space illustrates a collective view of our unfolding future.

When reading GRIT, I tend to look for divergences and gaps. How has time shifted perceptions?  Where are the disconnects between client-side and agency-side researchers?  What do the results say about what we should pay attention to as we forge this brave new world?

After digesting this issue of GRIT, three things are on the forefront of my mind:

Mobile has both arrived and become a centerpiece of our industry’s future

Of all the things that mobile promises, the mobile survey is arguably the least compelling.


From insightful research to decision intelligence, we stand at the ready. How can we help you?

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