By Katherine Ephlin, Chief Operating Officer, Gongos, Inc.

In Part I of Breaking the Ask/Answer Cycle, we covered off on one of the two dimensions essential in creating the two-way ‘bridge’ to help our clients build the capacity and competency to make better consumer-minded decisions – the interactions that occur within the walls of our clients.


By Ivan Bojanic, Senior Integration Architect, Arti|fact

Recessions are as painful as they are disruptive. On both an individual and social level, they represent periods of uncertainty, anxiousness and tightened belts. We hunker down for recessions the way that New Englanders hunker down for midwinter storms: with weary resignation in the face of the inevitable.


From insightful research to decision intelligence, we stand at the ready. How can we help you?

What kind of pet is this? (hint: 3-letter word)

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