By Katherine Ephlin, Chief Operating Officer, Gongos, Inc.

In Part I of Breaking the Ask/Answer Cycle, we covered off on one of the two dimensions essential in creating the two-way ‘bridge’ to help our clients build the capacity and competency to make better consumer-minded decisions – the interactions that occur within the walls of our clients.


by Camille Nicita, President & CEO

Anyone challenged with change management inside of an organization is familiar with the three C’s of capability, capacity, and competency.  As we talk with some of these leaders, we find that these key dynamics apply to the organization’s ability to build decision intelligence—their ability to not only gain but also apply wisdom that inspires great consumer-minded decision making.


by Greg Heist, Chief Innovation Officer

The mega drought that has plagued California over the past four years has gained global attention. As the much-hoped-for relief from this water crisis evades Californians, increasingly austere usage restrictions are quickly becoming a fact of life for more than 12% of the U.S. population.

While we have yet to see the ultimate implications of this crisis play out for California and the rest of the U.


By Camille Nicita, President & CEO

Search the term “pivot” and you will find that this once-upon-a-time Silicon Valley term has made its way into mainstream business vernacular.  Eric Reis (The Lean Start-Up) coined the term “pivoting” to reference the shift in strategy that plagues many tech start-ups, and the importance of keeping one foot planted firmly as you shift the other in a new direction.


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