Camille Nicita

Good things come in small packages. And that’s no different when it comes to Camille. Handpicked at a young age to join the launch of Gongos Research, her forward-leaning posture is establishing a new north for the company. Today, Gongos is helping to redefine an industry by guiding corporations toward decision intelligence through the collection, integration and curation of consumer wisdom. Staying true to the company’s core competencies while nurturing growth, Camille operates under the belief that people realize their full potential when put in the right seats. Her grounding vision is to cultivate an atmosphere where innovation, transparency, and vibrancy shape a company fit for the future.

Camille’s passion for developing promising new talent is further channeled through her role as Chairperson of Michigan State University’s MSMR Advisory Board. She and her husband, three children and rescue dog enjoy the outdoors, travel and the company of good friends.